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Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you find it interesting and inspiring – at least inspiring enough to pick up a copy of Einstein’s Trunk and read it. ET will be published on March 8th and can be found in a wide variety of U.S. and foreign booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and Picky Eggheads, etc.
        The Picky Eggheads site has a particularly nice write-up on ET and its two heroes. The website is here:
http://www.pickyeggheads.com/book.php?isbn=9781599554525  And here is the blurb: 
      “Rulon Hurt is a straightlaced, religious, and hardworking farmer from Idaho. Yohaba Melekson is a wild, worldly, and impossibly intelligent physics student from Switzerland. But when the two discover a trunk full of Albert Einstein’s secret writings, they learn that opposites attract in this electric tale that pits truth against lies, faith against knowledge, heart against mind, and an epic struggle for survival against the planet’s imminent destruction.”

     I don’t know who wrote that – not sure if it’s someone from Pickey Eggheads or from my publisher, Cedar Fort – but I thought they did a good job of capturing what I wanted the book to do. I wanted ET to be more than just a shallow adventure story where the characters all behave as if death doesn’t exist, and who never feel guilty, never have second thoughts, never make mistakes, know all the answers, and, frankly, never behave like normal human beings. I wanted Einstein’s Trunk to be exciting, suspenseful, and realistic in a way that some thrillers aren’t.
    My next blog post will be on Monday (like my hero, Rulon Hurt, I don’t like to shop or work on Sunday), and I will discuss how I got the idea for Einstein’s Trunk. 


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