The Men Who Would be President

     An acquaintance in Europe once made an offhand remark to me that America doesn’t have freedom of the press. I looked at him strangely, thinking he was making a joke, but he was dead serious. And dead wrong. America has the freest press in the world. The problem is there’s too much of it, and we are swamped under a daily blizzard of truth and lies. The truth is out there on any subject you care to name – even the Kennedy assassination. The problem is knowing how to find it when deluged by a flood of papers, books, blogs, opinions, interviews, twitters, articles, billboards, and PAC ads all seeming to contradict each other. 
     Nowhere is this more evident than now during the U.S. presidential primaries. To paraphrase an old joke, the process for becoming president is so painful and embarrassing that any man who willingly runs for the office should be considered too dumb to handle the job.  
    With all that said, here is an article by Anne Coulter, a conservative spokesperson and wit comparing Mitt Romney with Newt Gingrich. She does a great job of sifting through the nonsense. I’m not always in agreement with Ms. Coulter’s opinion pieces. She’s too unflinchingly conservative for my taste. I like my columnists to fool me sometimes and agree with the opposition once in a while – after all, no one can be wrong on every issue 100% of the time. In any case, I feel that in this article she gave an honest and accurate appraisal of the two leading candidates for the Republican nomimation:
     In my next post, I will discuss one of my proudest moments – I recently set up my new cable converter box and WLAN all in the same day, and they worked. Or maybe I’ll discuss two young adult books I recently read, The Hunger Games and Ender’s Game.  
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