What Tiger Hunting and Ceramic Guns Have in Common

     With the sequel to Einstein’s Trunk – titled A Thousand Suns  scheduled to be published by Cedar Fort next March, I’m now working slowly away on the third and final book of the trilogy titled: A World of Hurt.  As I’m writing, I’m becoming ever more convinced that I’m doing myself and my readers a service when I weave interesting facts and details into the plots of my books. In ET, there were true but little known details about Einstein’s life, nuclear weapons, asteroids, and CERN. For the sequel, I’ve thrown in some interesting details on tiger hunting in Siberia, Aryan Nation rhetoric, biological weapons, and illegal ceramic gun technology that can evade airport security scanners. Note: I hope I’ve peaked your interest in the 2nd book just a little.   

     ATS, my second book, was fun to write. I really had a good time developing Yohaba’s character. While Rulon plays a major role in the first 40% of the book, Yohaba takes over for the rest of it. Without giving away the plot, let me just say that she has a deep well of character and determination that I never fully understood – though Rulon obviously appreciated those traits and her charms right from the start. 

     In the third book, Rulon and Yohaba get dragged into the swirling complex world of Russian oligarchs, macro-economics, and multi-national corporations vying for profits. Oh, and the odd asteroid coming to destroy the earth. Weird, isn’t it? Yohaba says that all these weird things happen because Rulon is a whacko magnet, but we know it’s really because of Einstein’s trunk and the events it set in motion.     
     Now that the Repubs and Dems have both had their conventions, I feel a surge of political insight  coming on. Perhaps my next blog.
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