The ‘Service’ of Writing Book Reviews

Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of reading several book reviews on Einstein’s Trunk, and I wanted to call attention to one book review service that I found particularly interesting and constructive. It’s called Sqeaky Clean Reads and it can be found at: 

This website is run by a group of ladies who operate under the motto ‘Movies have ratings, why not books.’  Here is their modus operandi:  They read and review a book and, at least from the reviews I’ve read, spend more time and detail on the book’s good points than on its weaknesses – yet still manage to tactfully and respectfully point out a book’s areas for improvement. They then rate the book as to profanity, violence, sexual content, maturity of theme, and appropriate age-group. The net result is that they provide a service to authors as well as to readers.

Most people are generally sensitive about their work. But most authors need – indeed crave –  honest feedback from people they trust. If a book reviewer makes an honest effort to see a book’s good points, the author will most likely be open to the constructive criticisms as well – it’s just human nature – and perhaps write a better book next time. 

My next post will be my observations in regards ‘writing style’ in thrillers.  



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