Revenge in Einstein’s Trunk

Right now Einstein’s Trunk is being sold by well over 80 resellers. Those resellers are mostly from the U.S. but many are from all over the world, including New Zealand, Australia, South Africa,  India, most of the countries in Europe, and many from countries whose languages I don’t recognize. (Note: I’m hoping one of those is Communist China and that president Hu Jintao will require all his citizens to own a copy of ET – ala the little Red Book – but that’s another story.)

Many of those resellers carry a short description of the book that was written by my publisher Cedar Fort, but a few have written descriptions of their own. There have also been a few reviews on websites that provided plot summaries, and I’ve personally received emails from people telling me what they thought of ET. In all of these descriptions very few have picked up the importance of Revenge in ET.

Even though ET has an end-of-the-world threat, that threat won’t play out unti April 13, 2029. I chose that date, by the way, because that is the date when  Apophis, a real asteroid that at one time had the highest probability of striking the earth as calculated by the Torino Impact Hazard Scale, is supposed to hit.

ET is not about saving the world. ET is about people, many of whom either know nothing about the asteroid threat or who are sceptical about it, who get caught up in the riddle of the trunk and from there descend in a downward spiral of revenge. In the course of fulfilling an assignment from their country, several Russian agents get put in the hospital by Rulon Hurt. At that point the hunt for the trunk becomes secondary while balancing the ledger vs. Rulon becomes the primary goal. ET is about revenge and its negative consequences. And, I suppose, also about the healing power of love and forgiveness. The theme of revenge continues in the sequel which I’ve just completed. If the first two books sell reasonably well, then I have plans for a third where saving the world will be the primary plot driver.

In my next posting I will talk about villians.

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Zurich, April 23, 2011

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One thought on “Revenge in Einstein’s Trunk

  1. hola amigo! mucho tiempo no le veo.
    I just ordered your book from amazon & it should arrive before I head to Mazatlan so I can enjoy it on the beach.
    Good for you for writing this! I have 2 1/2 novels in my head, but little time or discipline for putting them on paper. I’d rather read than write.
    I misfiled your email address & have wondered where/how/what you are doing. Now I know and can hardly wait to read your novel. Hi to your lovely wife.

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