Just Finished ‘Redfish’

I just finished writing the third book in the Rulon Hurt series. It’s titled ‘Redfish’. For those not familiar with Idaho, Redfish Lake is in the Sawtooth mountains of Idaho. It is incredibly beautiful. Surrounded by jagged mountain peaks. An hour or so from Sun Valley. In the book ‘Redfish’, Rulon has an argument with Yohaba and insists on giving the codename ‘Redfish’ to the mission they are on. Naturally, I can’t say anymore without giving away the plot.

I actually kicked around another title for the book – ‘Rulon’s Ilk’. I thought that sounded very ‘John Le Carre-ish’, and seemed to fit the book, but ‘Redfish’ sounds more traditional, and, perhaps, therefore more acceptable to agents and publishers.

So now begins the work of finding an agent and a publisher for the book. It begins with crafting a Query letter and hoping to inflame the curiosity of some lucky agent. Wish me luck.

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2 thoughts on “Just Finished ‘Redfish’

    • Hi Linda, So good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and your family and that you had a really great Christmas together. To answer your question: There are no guarantees in the publishing world. I’m trying to get the 3rd book published right now. We shall see. I have two versions of the book. One is 137,000 words and the other is 97,000. It appears that these days publishers are reluctant to publish long thrillers, so by shortening the book down, I may be increasing my chances to get it published. But who knows?! The publishing industry is going through so many changes right now even the experts are a bit baffled as to what sells and what doesn’t.

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