A Thousand Suns

a-thousand-suns-a-rulon-hurt-novel-jim-haberkorn-9781462111855_cover A Thousand Suns

     Rulon opened the extra Sprite and set it down in front of his adversary. He started to say something, but the Russian cut him short by swiping the can off the table with the back of his hand. The place went quiet except for a Garth Brooks’ song in the background.
“Don’t worry about it—the soda was free,” Rulon said cheerfully. When Yohaba continued to sit there quietly, Rulon said out of the corner of his mouth, “Go on. Translate, for heaven’s sake.”
“Oh, yeah,” Yohaba said. Then speaking in Russian, she said, “Rulon says if you do that again, he’s going to use you to wipe up the floor.”

Rulon Hurt hopes he can finally find some peace and quiet on his ranch just outside of Twin Falls, Idaho, but it’s not easy being an out-of-work spy—especially if you’re on a hit list or two. Every few months at a local bar, he ends up fighting different Russian agents still angry with what Rulon did on his last mission. But when he saves one of these agents from a local skinhead gang, the consequences trap him once again in the world he’d left behind.

Now Rulon, his wife Yohaba, and their newfound Russian friend are faced with an implacable enemy from Rulon’s past who is as obsessed with killing Rulon as he is with his own destructive agenda. Making difficult moral decisions in an immoral world, Rulon and Yohaba reluctantly return to the deadly arena of spies, assassinations, and terror. Filled with some humor and lots of action, this fast paced thriller will have you racing to the end!

Product Details
Title: A Thousand Suns (A Rulon Hurt Novel)
Author: Jim Haberkorn
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 320
Dimensions: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781462111855
Imprint: Bonneville
Release Date: 2013-03-12
Price: $17.99

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